of children with learning difficulties also experience Auditory Processing Disorders (APDs).

Clinical Psychoacoustics Lab,
Psychiatry Department,
Neuroscience Division,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



of children with dyslexia also have a coexisting Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

Clinical Psychoacoustics Lab,
Psychiatry Department,
Neuroscience Division,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



of autistic children also have Sensory Integration Disorders (SPDs).

Children's Center for
Neurodevelopmental Studies,

We can help

At Hear and Now™ we believe in improving people’s auditory processing. The result is increasing people's capability to hear and understand words and sounds correctly. This has been proven to help greatly with the way they can live their lives and connect with others. Please take a few minutes to watch our video below.

We provide both adults and children with the best possible certified Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT). This gentle sound therapy helps improve how we hear and therefore how we process information or situations. We believe that advancing the quality of how people process sound "in the now" has a significant positive impact on how people interact in life, how they learn and relate to others in the world around them.

Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

Berard AIT® (Auditory Integration Training) is an intervention developed by Dr. Guy Berard to correct or improve auditory hypersensitivity, distortion and delays in the signals that interfere with an individual’s ability to process auditory information normally.

Improved auditory processing through Berard® AIT offers the opportunity to function to your full auditory potential. This enhanced function may improve such symptom patterns as described by Dyslexia, Autism, ADHDA, confused thinking, and ease overwhelm.

Berard AIT may also be used to enhance performance in school and sports related activities, careers, public presentations, time management, etc.

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Veronica van Nierop,
BSc; D.C; M.Nlp; N.E.T; A.R.T

Bernard AIT® Practitioner
United Kingdom & Online

After gaining her Bachelor of Science from the University of NSW, Veronica gained post graduate qualifications in Australia, America and the UK in Functional Psychology, Behavioural Patterning, Affect Regulation Training, Neuro Emotional Change, Neuro-linguistics and Berard AIT.

She moved to the UK in mid-2015 and works in the Oxfordshire area and London.

"Our success and enjoyment of life is directly related to our Nervous systems ability to process and act in the world around us. I am passionate about supporting people in having the most efficient and well developed Nervous Systems possible, so that their lives are easier and more enjoyable, whether in the area of learning difficulties or peak performance."

What the process involves

- Comprehensive history and symptom analysis
- Audio assessment involving 3 parameters of auditory function:

- Bespoke Training
- Mid Training reassessment
- Post Training assessment

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